Aquafine Replacement Lamps

First Light offers the cross reference below for the Aquafine® ColorGuard®  system but does not attempt to duplicate or copy the ColorGuard ® system as it is a unique feature of the Aquafine® Corporation.  

Aquafine® Aquafine® First Light First Light
ColorGuard® Part Number Lamp Description Spec
Magenta 52885-TS30N (OptiVenn®) GPH856T5VHCA/HO/CB-0Q4 4331
Copper 52885-DS30Z (OptiVenn®) GPH856T5LCA/HO/CB-0Q4 4332
Magenta 52885-TS60N (OptiVenn®) GPH1567T5VHCA/HO/CB-0Q4 4359
Copper 52885-DS60Z (OptiVenn®) GPH1567T5LCA/HO/CB-0Q4 4360
Mauve 3011 GPH287T5LCA/C 1765
Blue 3015 GPH287T5VHCA/C 1176
Mauve 3050 G10T5LCA/C 1069
Green (Validated) 16714 G10T5LCA/C Please call
Blue 3052 G10T5VHCA/C 3053
Yellow (Validated) 16715 G10T5VHCA/C Please call
Mauve 3084 G36T5LCA/C 2525
White 3089 G36T5LCA/C 2525
White 3084LM G36T5LCA/C 2525
Green (Validated) 16676 G36T5LCA/C Please call
Blue 3087 G36T5VHCA/C 3057
Yellow (Validated) 16678 G36T5VHCA/C Please call
Mauve 3098 G64T5LCA/C 1993
White 3098-LM G64T5LCA/M01/C 4327
White 3099 G64T5LCA/C 1993
Green (Validated) 16677 G64T5LCA/C Please call
Blue 3095 G64T5VHCA/C 3051
Yellow (Validated) 16679 G64T5VHCA/C Please call
White 17491LM G36T5LCA/M01/CB-0PX 4329
Mauve 17491 G36T5LCA/S07/CB-0PX 2482
Blue 18063 G36T5VHCA/S07/CB-0PX 2484
Green (Validated) 18059 G36T5LCA/S07/CB-0PX 3883
Yellow (Validated) 18062 G36T5VHCA/S07/CB-0PX 3884
White 17998LM G64T5LCA/M01/CB-0PX 4328
Mauve 17998 G64T5LCA/S07/CB-0PX 2481
Blue 17498 G64T5VHCA/S07/CB-0PX 2483
Green (Validated) 18060 G64T5LCA/S07/CB-0PX 3893
Yellow (Validated) 18061 G64T5VHCA/S07/CB-0PX 3886
Cyan 18198 G36T5LCA/HO/CB-0PX 2892
Violet 18197 G36T5VHCA/HO/CB-0PX 2889
Black (Validated) 18950 G36T5LCA/HO/CB-0PX 4308
Orange (Validated) 18952 G36T5VHCA/HO/CB-0PX 4055
Cyan 18024 G64T5LCA/HO/CB-0PX 2607
Violet 17820 G64T5VHCA/HO/CB-0PX 2485
Black (Validated) 18951 G64T5LCA/HO/CB-0PX Please call
Orange (Validated) 18953 G64T5VHCA/HO/CB-0PX 2788
Gold GOLD-L GSL1566T5LCA/HO/CB-0PX 3091
Silver SILVER-L GSL1566T5VHCA/HO/CB-0PX 3047
Cream (Validated) CREAM-L GSL1566T5LCA/HO/CB-0PX 4285
Tan (Validated) TAN-L G64T5VHCA/M18/CB-0PX Please call
Mauve 19306 GSL370T5LCA/CB-0PX 3433
Gold Gold-M GSL450T5LCA/HO/CB-0PX 4044

First Light is confident that we can support our partners and customers to assure accurate product selection and replacement without the need for “kindergarten” color coding.   Certified and traceable lamp “Validation” is offered as an added service.

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Compatible Replacement:  Simply unplug the old lamp and clip in the replacement lamp.  Physically and functionally equivalent to the Aquafine® replacement lamp.  This replacement alternative is manufactured in the USA by First Light Technologies, Inc.

Economical Replacement Cost:  Cost savings alternative to the higher priced Aquafine® lamp

Aquafine®  and ColorGuard® are registered trademark of the Aquafine® Corporation.  Aquafine® has not sponsored, endorsed or approved this or any other First Light Technologies, Inc. replacement lamp.