Lamp Customization

ceramic only groupCustom Ceramic Onlay

First Light Technologies, Inc. can provide lamp bases customized with your logo, product number, country of origin and/or reorder information. The single or multi color onlay is bonded to the ceramic base with an intense heat process that fuses the pigment to the ceramic base. This process provides durable and clear labeling making an exceptional quality product presentation.

Lamp Etch

First Light Technologies, Inc., as a standard, etches each lamp with the following:

lamp etching symbols group

FWW-YY is First Light's Manufacturing Date Code
"WW" = Week # 1-52 (Example: F01-10)
"YY" = Two digit year

etching symbols
Symbols alert to proper handling and disposal of a lamp containing mercury

Custom Etches - Customer Specific & Item Specific Etch Option

As a value-added service, First Light will provide customers with a custom etch for each lamp type manufactured.  Etches provide important information that allow you to easily and effectively capture repeated business

custom lamp etching

Proprietary Ceramic Bases

proprietary ceramic basesFirst Light Technologies, Inc. offers a complete selection of standard plastic and ceramic bases to meet your specifications. In addition to standard bases, First Light specializes in creating custom ceramic base designs supporting your proprietary equipment. In-house capability and capacity allow First Light to significantly reduce the lead-time from concept to production.